Good luck watching Rangers games this year.

Good luck watching a Rangers game on TV this season. It might be impossible.

Bally Sports, which own the rights to broadcast Rangers games, is about a millisecond away from bankruptcy. The channel is no longer available on U-Verse, YouTube TV, or Hulu. As of now, only DirectTV and Spectrum carry Bally.

But even that is tenuous. Bally’s parent company defaulted on its interest payment lenders in February. That triggers bankruptcy proceedings.

It’s all a mess. Evan Grant lays it all out in today’s Dallas Morning News. You can’t watch Rangers games on MLB.TV because of their archaic blackout rules. You can’t watch it on BallySports+ because they don’t have the streaming rights, only over-the-air rights.

Hopefully, baseball figures it out soon. Otherwise, most Rangers fans won’t be able to see Rangers games during the one season when they are finally worth watching.

It seems like the radio will be it in 2023.




Los Angeles Angels @ Texas, 2:05.