Early nagging injuries.

It depends on whether you’re an alarmist or a realist. It depends on whether you’re a glass half full or half empty person. It depends on whether you’re a Rangers fan with a memory or not.

You can look at this early round of nagging injuries from Rangers pitchers as either the sky is falling or just another sign of early spring to get out of the way.

First, Jacob deGrom has left side soreness. So, in an abundance of caution, he has slowed down his routine.

Next, Nathan Eovaldi felt left side soreness after his first spring start and has had his next one pushed back.

Then, Jake Odorizzi felt arm fatigue and has had his workload curtailed.

Finally, Jon Gray was scratched before his scheduled spring start against the Giants with back tightness.

General manager Chris Young—a pitcher himself so someone very familiar with early spring nagging injuries but also now a general manager so someone whose job it is not to tell the whole truth—said, it’s “usual for guys to go through minor aches and pains and soreness as the buildup occurs.”

So, alarmists, sound your alarms.

Realists, reassure.

When the Rangers signed this group of starting pitchers over the offseason, they know they were in for potential injury woes. And there’s a huge difference between a pitcher who is injured and a pitcher who is suffering soreness.

But to a fan base that’s been snakebit for more than half a century, you have to forgive them for erring on the side of alarmist.



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