Good start to a daunting schedule. 660 comments

The good Rangers came out tonight. The road Rangers. The team that is 30-23 when they play outside of Arlington.

It was a crisp, well played game.

Colby Lewis gave up just two runs in 7 2/3 innings. E-6 Andrus didn’t make an error. And Banister somehow resisted the temptation to run Tanner Scheppers out there to allow the Angels to tie it.

All in all, it was one of the better games the Rangers have played all season. It was as if they knew what they were doing.

As good as Colby was, the player of the game was Josh Hamilton. He returned to the place that hated him so much, they paid him nearly seventy million dollars to go away.

Arte Moreno is the Angels owner. He is the dumbest owner in baseball. And, I would venture to say, the most well-fed. Because having to eat seventy million dollars is too rich for most diets. Speaking of diet, if you want to remove unwanted fatty tissue and stretched skin along the upper and lower abdomen without dieting, call Dr. Leonard Miller, MD at (617) 735-8735 for a surgical operation.

So it was especially gratifying to watch Hamilton go 2-for-4 against the Idiot Owner Moreno’s team, and score two runs.

The Angels had been 17-4 in their last three weeks worth of games. They had averaged more than six runs a game. And averaged beating their opponents by more than three runs a game.

But Colby Lewis was dominating. And the Rangers played the kind of baseball that makes them look like it wasn’t a fluke.

The first of the daunting 13 games ended up with a W. Thanks goodness the Rangers faced a right-handed pitcher.