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Not a bad run.

The Rangers survived murderer’s row.

They just played four games against four of the most dominating pitchers (thankfully they didn’t face Max Scherzer) they will face in a row.

They went a very respectable 2-2.

They beat Clayton Kershaw, the guy who won the NL Cy Young award winner last season(and MVP, as if piling on),  5-3 thanks to a Joey Gallo bomb.

They lost 1-0 due to a nervous tic. That was a game against Zach Greinke, a guy who has a very good chance to win this season’s NL Cy Young.

They won 2-1 in a game against Chris Sale, a guy who could just be the AL Cy Young award winner this year and who is going through a historic stretch of domination.

And they lost to Carlos Rondon, another tough lefty, 3-2, on an error and a ball that just teased the foul pole. A quarter of an inch on either one of those plays and the Rangers win.

All in all, those were four really tough games. And four really close games. And four games the Rangers could have won.

This was without Beltre, without Hamilton, without DeShields.

Let’s say the Rangers make the playoffs. They won’t face a team that has four pitchers as dominating as the four in a row they just faced in any one round.

That bodes well for them.

This team can play with the best of them now. Imagine what it can do if it has everyone healthy.



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