Happy Baseball Day.

Rookie of the Year candidate Randy Arozarina steals home in the Rays 5-0 win over the Red Sox.

Today is National Baseball Day. Other than opening day, it’s the best day of the year for baseball fans. Four playoff games in one day.

Wall-to-wall baseball. Wall-to-wall drama. Wall-to-wall joy.

The American League has already played its Game 1s. It was a bad day for socks of all colors. The White Sox lost to the Astros 6-1. The Red Sox lost to the Rays 5-0.

In the National League, the Dodgers play the Giants, where the best two teams ever to meet in a playoff series are meeting. One team with 106 wins, one with 105.

The Braves go up against the Brewers, who had three starters with stellar sub-3 ERAs. Corbin Burnes at 2.43, Brandon Woodruff at 2.56, and Freddie Paralta at 2.81.

Today might not look like the baseball Rangers fans are used to. This is what’s called good.