Hearn’s best start.

Taylor Hearn picks up his second W of the year in a 3-1 win over Kansas City.

For the first time this season, Taylor Hearn didn’t give up a run. In his previous five starts, he had given up one, two, three, four, and five runs. So, if the pattern were to continue, he would have given up six. Or zero.

He went with zero.

Five innings, five strikeouts, one hit, three walks. 

With the three walks, it wasn’t sparkling but it got the job done. The Rangers bullpen, which has really found its way since wandering aimlessly the first few weeks of the season, shut down the Royals the rest of the way.

And, just like that, the Rangers won another series and put that ugly, sloppy game Wednesday night behind them. 

Last night was the longest scoreless outing of Hearn’s big league career. His only real jam was in the second, giving up a single and a walk, but got out. He gave up a walk in the fourth, with no damage, and in the fifth, with no damage.

Hopefully he can build on that in what has so far been an up and down season for him. But he beat a team he should have beaten, picked up his second consecutive win, and lowered his ERA from 6.53 to 5.26.

It’s always a good thing when the likeable guys do well.