Hearn’s best start.

Taylor Hearn allowed only two runs through five innings but his team could score only one in a 3-1 Rangers loss.

Auditioning for a role in the rotation, Taylor Hearn had the best start of his career. He gave up just two runs. Of course, the Rangers wasted the effort by scoring just one run themselves.

But Hearn hasn’t had a lot of luck in the starting department.

His first start lasted one out. He gave up three hits, walked four, and allowed five runs to score. That was against the Mariners in 2019. That 108.00 ERA loomed over him until he got some innings in during the 2020 season to water it down a bit.

This season, he has made spot starts here and there, four total.

His first start this season came against Oakland. He lasted twice as long as his first start, two outs. Progress. He gave up only four earned runs rather than five. More progress.

His second start against Houston was three-innings of shutout baseball. He lasted 3.2 innings in his next start, against Seattle, giving up two runs.

So, you really couldn’t expect a whole lot out of him in yesterday’s start against Seattle. But he lasted five solid innings, without walking anyone, giving up only to earned runs.

That makes five career starts for Taylor Hearn with an ERA of 8.53. As a reliever he’s sporting a 3.57 ERA. It might be too early to nominate him for lead role in the starting rotation in 2021. He will, undoubtedly, get more starts this year. But the one thing he does have going for him is the Rangers have nobody else.

He needs to make the best of the opportunities given to him. Last night he did just that.