Home team woes.

LA’s Max Muncie watches as his hit sails over the right centerfield wall for a grand slam to punctuation the historic eleven-run first inning.

Being the home team at The Shed is tough.

So far, in the National Leauge Championship Series, the home team has lost every game. And their opponents are racking up the runs.

The Curse of The Shed continues.

The home team during the regular season there had difficulty winning and scoring as well.

Maybe it’s not the ballpark. Maybe it’s the dugout. 

The Dodgers scored early and often, putting up a post-season record eleven runs in the first inning, to put the game away before the fans could even get settled in Game 3 of the this best-of-seven super-spreader event.

It’s one of those games that had it been a regular season game, the Rangers post-game cheerleaders would have said, “Well, if you look at it from the fourth inning on, we really settled down and played some great baseball after that third inning.”

The Dodgers scored all fifteen of their runs in the first three innings then held on tightly as the Braves rallied to score two in the bottom of the ninth to pull within twelve.  

After their 15-3 road victory at The Shed, there’s new life to the Dodgers now. But this one team that being down 0-2 wasn’t going to rattle. And now that they’ve put a game in the win column, their offense can carry them to three more in a row easily. 

Except they have only two more as the road team. 

Then they have to occupy the Rangers dugout. And bad things happen to your offense from there.