How I spent my summer vacation. 619 comments


Dear teammates:

Hey, guys, it’s Dyson. How are things going in Arlington? I sure miss you.

I am enjoying my vacation. It’s always good to get a few days off and just get away to relax. Pitching in all those games with four- and five- and six-run leads can be very taxing.  They’re even stretching me out in the bullpen so I can start a few games now that some many of the guys have gone down. I guess they’ve had success with that in the past with a lot of former Rangers.

Friday we hit Sea World. That orca is almost as big as Prince Fielder! The splash he makes is much bigger (don’t tell Prince I said that!!!). They were having a deal on admission into the park. Forty percent off. Talk about a save situation!

I’m not sure what we are going to do on Saturday. Probably just sit around and watch baseball like I did yesterday. That Boston team can hit!

You know, when I put in for a vacation, I figured it would be late October or some time in November. I never thought they’d schedule it for the middle of the season. It’s almost like I am a government worker or a starting pitcher or something.

I sure hope things go well back in Arlington with you all while I am gone. Whatever you do, don’t let the new guy Matt close. He’s not ready yet.

Oh well. I have to run. (Oops, closers don’t like to use the word “run.”) Tell Bani I said thanks for the time off. It sure is a relief. Get it? Relief!!!

If he wants to give me more vacation days, I’m all for it. My kids have been begging me to go to a kids entertainment near me, so I’m thinking that will be possible if they extent my vacation.

Well, it’s time to close this letter.

Wait. I am on vacation. I will have someone else close this for–

Oh, no.


Screen Shot 2016-06-25 at 7.54.36 AM

Steven Wright (8-4, 2.01) vs. A. J. Griffin (3-0, 2.94)
Game time: 8:20 pm

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