Hurt feelings.

In this battle between players and owners, in which both sides should be hated by most baseball fans, MLB just added another reason on the pile to hate the owners.

Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred has very thin skin. And, apparently, no spine. He fired legendary broadcaster Ken Rosenthal from MLB Network TV for the most heinous of crimes.

Criticizing him.

Rosenthal said mean words to Manfred and Manfred got really really really really mad. So he put his fists in balls, stomped his feet, and threw a hissy fit and told his Mommy to fire the mean man. 

Apparently, he was upset at articles Rosenthal wrote about how Manfred screwed up the handling of the 2020 COVID shortened season, in which he wrote there’s “the perception that Manfred is beholden to the owners and out of touch with the players.”

Rosenthal, in being critical with how baseball dealt with the union during pandemic and forced the players into only sixty games, which then unleashed a tsunami of ill will, added: “Manfred and the owners, supposedly stewards of the game, are turning the national pastime into a national punch line.”

Manfred got his little itty bitty feelings hurt. 

Rosenthal is one of the more respected baseball writers and broadcasters. He still works for FOX and for The Athletic. But not MLB.

That’s because Manfred works for the owners. Unfortunately, though, not for baseball or for the fans.