Icons are in short supply. 15 comments

As they often do to pass the time in the off-season, mlb.com runs lists of things each team needs, wants, lacks, etc. The latest such article, written by Will Leitch, is each team’s current iconic player.

Not surprising, now that Adrian Beltre has retired, for the Rangers it’s Elvis Andrus. Leitch writes, “Andrus is already No. 11 in lifetime WAR for the Rangers, and he still has four years of contract left to go.”

As we all know, he also has an opt out at the end of this season, so he could have one more year left to go. But, also as has been well-documented, he loves it in Texas.

But in a discussion about iconic players for the Rangers, it falls off quickly after Andrus.

Maybe it’s Gallo, because he hits home runs, and those seem to make people oh and ah. And, frankly, some of those home runs are iconic due to the distance they travel.

Maybe it’s Odor by virtue of Jose Bautista’s jaw. While that moment was, indeed, iconic, that doesn’t make the player any better. He has the ingredients. The cake is still baking.

Really, this is what 2019 is going to be about. Who’s next? Who is going to step up? The upcoming season is all about the next step in a lot of young players’ careers. Gallo, Guzman, Odor, Profar, Mazara, Kiner-Falefa, Calhoun. All young, all trying to find their sea legs. All trying to create their brand.

It’s a team game. And it’s pretty much a foregone conclusion that the team will not be strong. So, all we can do is cut it up into individual slices and see what we have.