If they pitch it, it will go.

Joey Gallo connects for the first of two home runs, this one a three-run shot.

Very few pitchers have been bold enough to actually pitch to Joey Gallo. That’s why he leads baseball in walks. 

The Joey Gallo of old would have swung wildly at most of those pitches outside the strike zone. But since he is no longer swinging like a broken gate, pitchers have stopped throwing to him. 

Why? There’s no protection for him in the lineup.

The Royals must have forgotten just exactly what Gallo is capable of if you throw him a hittable strike.

Two home runs. Five runs batted in.

After the Rangers scored three runs in the second, Gallo took it from there. He supplied the final five.

It took that great day from Gallo to nearly overshadow the brilliant ten-strikeout game performance from Kyle Gibson.

It took two amazing performances for the Rangers to finally win two games in a row, a first in 28 days. 

So, what amazing feat is it going to take to make it three in a row?