Rangers sweep the Royals.

Joey Gallo launches a two-run homer, his third home run in two games, to power Texas to a three-game sweep of Kansas City.

What’s frustrating is the few times this team displays dominance, you wonder why they can’t do that more often.

For three games, this team did everything right. Great starting pitching, hitting for average and power, clutch hitting, smart baserunning, solid defense, shut-down bullpen. 

If only you could capture that in a bottle. Unfortunately, most of the time, that bottle is full of skunky beer. 

But not this time. The Rangers swept the Royals at home. You have to go back more than a month to find something as remarkable. On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, May 21, 22, and 23, they swept the Astros at home.

Between those two feats, though, they were 5-21.

After sweeping the Royals at home, the Rangers are still 18 games under .500 and 18 games out of first. But they head to the road on a roll, on a winning streak, and, more importantly, on an emotional high, led by Joey Gallo.

What Gallo latest streak shows is it really takes only one person in the lineup to get hot to turn a team around. You don’t need all nine guys clicking at the same time. That never happens anyway. But, like earlier when it was Adolis Garcia making highlights on a nightly basis, if one guy is in one of those grooves, he can carry the team on his back for a while.

Let’s see how long they can keep it going. Just 23 more victories in a row and the Rangers tie the all-time record.