In Delino we trust? 265 comments

It will be curious to see how Delino DeShields does this year. He wasn’t on the radar in 2015 but forced himself into the picture and into the lineup.

In fact, he was a knight in shining armor, coming to rescue the top of the lineup that was mired in the blackest of black holes.

Yet, here DeShields is again, seemingly fighting public opinion, and perhaps front office opinion, about his worth in the Rangers lineup.

Last night saw an interesting development in DeShields’s career. Ian Desmond played center field.

A career shortstop who was out of place in left is now asked to try his hand in center.

It’s not crazy, though.

Robin Yount was a gold glove shortstop for a number of years before being converted to a center fielder. Shortstops are usually the most athletic player on the field. Center is the most athletic slot in the outfield. It’s a natural progression.

But how does that development affect DeShields? Would he move to left where he won’t be such a defensive liability?

Or was the Desmond move to center merely an experiment in depth?