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Delino DeShields hits his first major league grand slam in the fourth to turn a 4-1 deficit into a 5-4 lead.


Had it been a World Series game, it would go down as one for the ages. An instant classic. People would be talking about it for years to come.

But as a third game of the season, not bad at all.

Four to nothing, Cubs.

Five to four, Rangers.

Eight to five, Cubs.

Eight to six, Cubs.

Ten to eight, Rangers.

Ten to ten.

Eleven to ten, Rangers.

It was one of the more fun baseball games one is ever likely to see, even if it was one of the ugliest from a pure aesthetic standpoint. The kind of game that only happens with two bad pitching staffs. One of the most fun games unless, of course, you are a Cubs fan. But, in that case, other than that one recent year, you’ve had 109 years to wallow in misery. You should be used to it.

This is the game they should use to market the sport.

2019 so far: Three games. Two huge come-from-behind victories. One walk-off win on a wild pitch.

This season has already been more enjoyable than the entire 162 games played last year.


Brad Peacock (0-0, -.–) vs. Drew Smyly (0-0, -.–)
Game time: 7:05