Irrelevance. 13 comments

Imagine all your friends are throwing a huge party and you’re not invited. That’s what it’s like to listen to the reporting from the winter meetings in Las Vegas.

A lot of talk about Team X doing this, Team Y doing that, Team Z looking to upgrade here or there. A lot of talk about trades in the works. Players moving to new teams. Teams building rosters for next year.

I spent seven hours in the car yesterday listening to MLB Network Radio and their non-stop coverage from Sin City.

I heard a them cover a lot of topics in those seven hours.  But two words were not mentioned. Texas. Or Rangers.

Maybe Jon Daniels didn’t get an invitation. Maybe his wife wouldn’t let him go. Maybe he thought it was in Orlando again this year and when to the wrong hotel.

I miss the days when the Rangers were relevant. I hope those days will come again soon.

It hurts being left out.