It makes no sense.

Here’s what makes very little sense.

If, as has been reported numerous times, the Rangers are in a full court press to land superstar third baseman Nolan Arenado via a trade, then why didn’t they just go the extra mile to get Anthony Rendon? It would have been considerably cheaper.

The Rangers were willing to go only six years and $200 million to get Rendon. Six years, $200 million is where they drew the line. Not a penny more, not a second longer.

It wasn’t enough. They lost out on him.

So now they turn their attention to Plan B, which is so much costlier. 

If they land Arenado, they are going to pay him for the next seven years, roughly the same amount, plus have to give up a boatload of prospects. Arenado still has seven more years on his contract (assuming he doesn’t opt out after two), and $234 million left (which will go up if they buy out his opt out). And they will have to empty the farm system to get him.

So, it’s basically like this:

“I really wanted the BMW but they asked $90,000 for it and I wouldn’t go any higher than $80,000. So, I outsmarted the system. I bought the Mercedes. Sure, it cost me $95,000 and I had to trade in my Tesla, my Audi, and my Ranger Rover, but I got the Mercedes people to throw in free undercoating. Genius, huh?”