It’s a deGrom day.

Every game Jacob deGrom pitches is must watch baseball. And it’s just not the usual compelling baseball reason. It’s the hold your breath and close your eyes and hope he makes it through it reason.

Like a toddler holding a priceless piece of china, and all you can do is say, “Don’t drop it, don’t drop it, don’t drop it.”

The fragile piece of china known as Jacob deGrom makes his first start in an spring training game today against the Mariners.

Every time he lets a pitch fly Rangers nation will be filled with two emotions. One, how can one human being execute a pitch so flawlessly that baseball analyst John Smoltz said “it’s not even close to fair for hitters.” Two, this might be his last pitch for a while.

Awe and angst. That’s going to be every Jacob deGrom start for the next five years. He is the best pitcher on the planet but he has had trouble staying on the mound.

It’s like buying a classic car and putting a cover over it and leaving it in the garage because you don’t want to take it out.

DeGrom takes the mound today for the first time this spring in real game action.

Yay. Uh-oh.



Seattle vs Texas, 3:05