It’s doable.

There is a ray of hope. The Rangers have an outside chance of finishing over .500 for the first time in seven seasons.

The Rangers have twenty-seven games left. All they need to do is win seven of those to finish over .500.

After six years of futility, where they languished under .500 and lived in oblivion and irrelevance, 2023 has a chance to be the year when they finally finish above .500. It’s a long shot but Rangers fans, have hope.

In fact, in this dark period in team history that has featured the most seasons in a row under .500, the Rangers twice won 78 games.

That might be in reach as well. If they can get to 78 wins, then all they would need would be three more wins to get to 81, which puts them at .500, and one more after that to finally finally finally finish over that magical threshold of .500.

Then, who knows? Maybe 2024 they build from there. Add eight quality bullpen arms, two quality hitters, and they have a chance at a wild card.

That means the playoffs.

Yes, one can dream. But the Rangers are so close to that next step in their development.

Finishing over .500. It’s not a pipe dream. Here’s how they can do it.

They have one more game against Minnesota, then three against Houston. There doesn’t appear to be a win there. Then they play Oakland for three. Texas should win one or two of those. They go to Toronto for four games. It’s doubtful they win in Canada. Then three in Cleveland, whose offense is almost as stagnant as Texas’s. The Rangers should pick up one there. They come back home for three against Boston. That should net them one more. There doesn’t appear to be a win in the next three, against Seattle. Then they go to Anaheim for three against the Angels. The Ranger should win two of those. They close out the season with four against Seattle, who at that point probably just clinched a playoff spot and is resting starters for the postseason. Texas should win one of those last four.

And there you have it. Seven wins: Two against Oakland. One against Cleveland. One against Boston. Two against Los Angeles. One against Seattle.

Then, pop the cork, spray the champaign. Over .500.

Something to build on.