There’s a pulse.

Fifth time’s the charm: After striking out four times, Adolis Garcia’s ninth inning homer wins the game.

There’s a pulse. It’s barely beating, but it’s beating. The body is breathing. It’s shallow, but there is the presence of oxygen.

The Texas Rangers won a game yesterday that they usually lose. Up 3-0. Then tied 3-3. Up 4-3, then immediately tied 4-4. Up 5-4, then immediately tied 5-5.

Then Adolis Garcia, after striking out four times in the game already, hit a home run in the bottom of the ninth. Seattle lost. Houston lost. And the Rangers are only one game out of first. And two games out of not making the playoffs.

The race is tighter than new shoes on the first day of school. Four teams—Seattle, Texas, Houston, and Toronto—are fighting it out for three playoff spots.

It’s going to be a slog to the finish line. Every team has issues. But Texas has no bullpen and no ability to score with men in scoring position.

They have two offensive weapons. A bases loaded walk, hit batter, sac fly, or wild pitch. Or a home run. If bases aren’t loaded, their only chance of scoring is a home run.

They have zero chance of preventing runs scored.

But, as flawed as this team is, they are still in the race. Their next three games are against Houston, which might change everything.

But, for now, they still have signs of life. Let’s hope they wake up from their coma.