It’s the Astros, Braves.

Pure joy: Atlanta defeats Los Ageles 4-2 in Game 6 to head to the World Series for the first time since 1999.

The TV network wanted Boston versus Los Angeles for the ratings that two of the most rabid fan bases would have provided.

Revengists wanted Los Angeles versus Houston so the Dodgers could avenge their loss to the Astros for cheating in 2017.

What we are getting is Houston versus Atlanta, a World Series of two teams that have one thing in common. Both have old-school managers who believe in starting pitchers and playing small ball when it needs to be played. They are managers who know how to manage a game rather than just take orders from the Analytics Department.

Houston’s Dusty Baker, in fact, has managed the most major league games without a World Series championship. But he has had a ton of success everywhere he has gone. He was the right man for the job to guide the Astros after the cheating scandal. Baker managed the Giants for ten seasons, the Cubs for four, the Reds for six, the Nationals for two, and now two years and running with the Astros. That’s 3,722 games as a manager.

Atlanta’s Brian Snitker played in the Braves minor league system in 1977. He has been in the Braves system ever since. He did what managers used to have to do. Earn his stripes. He managed for years in the minor leagues before finally getting called up to manage the Braves in 2016. They went from fifth, to third, to four consecutive first-place finishes. Finally, this year, breaking down the door to the World Series.

In a sport that has no value for the role of the manager anymore, it’s refreshing to see two guys who bring respect and integrity to the job make it to the World Series.

It starts Tuesday in Houston.