Jeter and Walker are in.

Derek Jeter was vote into the Hall of Fame yesterday. So was Larry Walker.

They were voted in by the Baseball Writers of America. There is not an organization that lacks more creditability that the BWA. 

The fact that Jeter didn’t get 100 percent of the vote makes the BWA insignificant. This is a man who is sixth all-time in hits.

Let me reword that. Of the hundreds of millions of kids who have played baseball at one time in their lives, he got more hits than 9,999,999,994 of them. Of the 18,918 (as of 2017) players who have played in the major leagues, he got more hits than 18,912 of them. 

And some idiot didn’t vote for him? 

Remember, twelve idiots didn’t vote for Willie Mays. Six idiots didn’t vote for Hank Aaron. 

Remember, the entire collection of idiots gave Rafael Palmeiro the Gold Glove at first base in 1999, for the entire body of work he performed in 28 games in the field. 

How can Larry Walker not be good enough for the first nine years he was eligible but, without picking up a bat, he is in his tenth year?

Look, this is not to take anything away from Jeter or Walker. It’s merely pointing out there needs to be a better way to select.

Baseball writers? How quaint. Does anyone even remember newspapers? Why not let the Organization of Buggy Whip Manufacturers vote? Or the Carbon Paper Institute vote? 

Harold Baines made it a few years ago. He was voted in by the Veteran’s Committee, an organization formed as a protest to the Baseball Writers of America. In his 22-year career, Harold Baines led the league in anything only once—slugging percentage in 1984, his fifth season.

Congratulations to Derek Jeter and Larry Walker for being inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Let’s start a petition to change who votes for the Hall of Fame. I’d suggest the Lake Highlands Moms Book Club. They would be more credible.