Depth at first.

Looking at the depth chart on at first base, only two players from the 40-man roster are listed: Ronald Guzman and Danny Santana.

They ignore that Scott Heineman played there four games in 2019. Or that Todd Frazier has played 94 games at first in his career.

Ignoring that, this gets at the Rangers lack of depth in their farm system at first. As it stands now, with no prospects on the near or far horizon, unless the Rangers are able to make a deal, Guzman seems to be the starting first baseman this season. That should give Rangers’ no fan cause for celebration.

Last season the Rangers were ranked among the bottom three in offensive production from that position. No Ranger in 2019 started at first more than Ronald Guzman, 72 times.

Guzman was the regular first baseman in the first half of 2019, then lost his hold on that for lack of hitting, batting just .134 with an OPS of .536 against lefties, numbers that turned him into a platoon player. He wasn’t much better against righties, either. Yet, he is the only Ranger who plays impeccable defense.

First base is generally viewed as a position of offense. Guzman is viewed a player of little offense.

If the Rangers go into 2020 with Guzman as their go-to guy at first, the offense is going to need a lot of other guys to step up in his place.

In a season of low exceptions, why not let Heineman have the opportunity to prove what he can do at first?