June 20, 2015.

Pitch counts. Ug.


Dear Robin Ventura:

Thank you so much for falling for the trap of modern-day managers.

Thank you for counting pitches instead of watching pitches.

Thank you for counting pitches instead of counting on your pitcher.

Thank you for taking out the most dominating pitcher in baseball, throwing his best game of the year, because his pitch count got to an unheard of 111.

Thank you for managing by the book instead of by your head.

Thank you for knowing that with a lead of one, two or three runs in the ninth, the situation calls for you to put in your closer—no matter how dominating your starter has been—so you put in your closer.

Thank you again for doing that.

Thank you for giving the Rangers a fighting chance in the ninth inning; it was very gracious of you.

Thank you for the 2-1 victory we should have never had. Thank you for being a bonehead.


Every Rangers fan.

P.S. Our manager did the same thing, and it nearly cost him as well. Will you people ever learn?