June 6, 2016.

After the way the season ended in 2015, it would have been natural for Elvis Andres to fall apart. Instead, he put it behind him and had a fantastic season.


Last season, in a game against the Padres on the First of September, the Rangers were tied 4-4 in the top of the seventh.

Elvis Andrus was on third. He noticed something: Padres pitcher Kevin Quackenbush wasn’t paying any attention to him. So, on the next pitch, he made a mad dash to the plate. He stole home. He totally caught the pitcher off guard. Slid in safely. And the Rangers untied the game.

And their march to October was in full swing.

Yesterday, the Rangers were getting nothing off Seattle pitcher Hisashi Iwakuma. By the bottom of the fifth, he had retired twelve in a row. But the Rangers took advantage of an error in the fifth to score a run.

It was 2-1, Elvis Andrus was on third with one out.

He stole home again. Not in the conventional way. But by fooling the left fielder into thinking he wasn’t going to tag up on a shallow fly ball.

Elvis turned back nonchalantly to third; then, when he had properly set the bait, the left fielder eased up on his return throw. Suddenly, Andrus bolted for home. Slid in safely. And scored the tying run, catching the Mariners off guard.

And, in the process, helping Texas sweep Seattle and go three up in the West.

Elvis Andrus is producing at the best level of his career, playing tremendous defense, and making smart plays game after game.

He is doing everything he can to make up for how his season ended and how he ended the Rangers season.