Jung injured again.

Josh Jung winces in pain after being hit in the wrist.

Some players are just cursed with bad luck.

Josh Jung was the Wyatt Langford before there was a Wyatt Langford. Drafted in 2019, he was the can’t-miss prospect, the future of the Rangers, the guy that needed to get to the major leagues as fast as possible. Would it be 2020?

No, because of COVID there was no 2020 season.

Then, in 2021, his trip to the major leagues got derailed by a stress fracture in his foot. That kept him out until June. But, when he came back, he tore his way through the minor leagues. 

When the 2022 season rolled around, Jung was the ninth best prospect in baseball and, with the Rangers having a huge void at third since the retirement of Adrian Beltre, it was just a matter of time until he was called up. 

Then he tore a labrum in his left shoulder. He didn’t return to the diamond until the end of July. When he came back, he tore his way through minor league pitching like he was expected to. He finally got his break and joined the big-league club in September.

Then, in 2023, on his way to a Rookie of the Year campaign, he caught a line drive that broke his thumb and took him out for six weeks.

Now, it’s 2024, and four games into the season, bad luck strikes Josh Jung again. It struck in the form of a horrible pitch that fractured Jung’s wrist as he was trying to get out of its way.

Another year, another devastating injury.

Some players just have bad luck. Josh Jung is one of those players.