Just like starting over.

Ranger rounding third: Jeff Mathis homers for the only Rangers run.

The Rangers are back to where they started.

After eight straight losses, their winning percentage now sits at .370. If this were a full season—and thank the baseball gods it’s not—this team would win 60 games.

This franchise has not seen this level of futility since they arrived in Arlington. Their 1972 and 1973 teams had winning percentages were .351 and .352, respectively.

In the following forty-six seasons, they had only one other year with a winning percentage below .400. That was 1982.

That was then. This is now.

And here they are, back under .400. Swept in three games by a team they should have beaten. Facing two straight series against the only two teams that have won twenty games already, the two best teams in baseball.

It’s back to square one for this franchise. It’s time to come to the frank realization that it’s rock bottom, and it’s time to scrape it to the ground and start over.

The sad part of all of this is that usually when teams reach this point, they tank on purpose. 

Unintentional failure is the worst kind.


Jesus Luzardo (2-0, 3.67) vs. Lance Lynn (3-0, 1.37)