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After a while, you just get tired of talking about the Rangers. You get tired of watching, reading about, hearing about, following, blogging about, analyzing, posting about, studying, agonizing over, commenting on, noticing, worshipping, monitoring, keeping score of, living in the same state as, being a fan of, or being a casual observer of the Rangers.

I wish I didn’t care about the Rangers, but I do. See this

Last year you could feel sorry for them because of injuries that kept happening, and you could root for guys who would have never had the chance to play major league ball. At least there was that.

This year, it’s just pity and shame and embarrassment and disdain. In fact, two games perfectly define the 2015 Texas Rangers.

1) The first game of the season, in which they were shutout on one hit.

2) The first game of the second half of the season, in which the were held to two runs with 15 hits. The top five hitters went 13-for-23 and they were held to two runs. That is almost impossible to do. But, then again, the bottom four went 3-for-16.

Both first games paint a picture of a team that cannot hit major league pitching with any authority.

I am not sure which game is more pathetic.

Maybe someone is trying to tell us the Rangers lack talent.

Good teams find inventive ways to win, so why can’t bad teams find inventive ways to lose?  Like a walk-off balk. Or being one hit. Or being fifteen-hit. Or being robbed of a game-winning grand slam. Or being buried by the third inning in three straight games against the Angels. Or simply being a talentless, uninspired team.

Looking at the schedule to start the second half of the season, and it doesn’t get any brighter. Three games in Houston, three in Colorado, then Anaheim for three, then back home for nine against the New York Yankees, San Francisco and Houston.

I really hope I am wrong, but I predict that in the first 18 games after the All-Star break the Rangers will go 4-14. I don’t see any way this team wins more than that.

They are 2-9 in July so far. And there is a very real possibility that this team will have an even worse July than they did an April.

So they aren’t just back to where they started, they are further back.

After a while, you just get tired of talking about the Rangers.