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You can’t keep a good man down. Game 1, Justin Turner struck out four times. This is a guy who is Mr. Clutch. He is the heart and soul of the Dodgers offense. He had played nearly one thousand major league games and had never struck out four times in a game.

It was just a matter of time he snaps out of that funk.

That came at the most opportune time for the Dodgers. With no outs and a runner on in the eighth inning of a game his team was losing 3-2.

One swing later his team was winning 4-3.

It might have been the biggest home run of the season for the Dodgers. They were staring down the barrel of a 0-2 best-of-seven deficit.

Now they go home tied at 1-1, with the next three in Los Angeles.

The Dodgers season turned around once Justin Turner came back from the disabled list. And their post-season turned around once Justin Turner came back from a golden sombrero.

This team will go as far as Justin Turner takes them.

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