Perfect 10: Lance Lynn on his way to ten strikeouts for his tenth win to put the Rangers ten games over .500.

Lance Lynn is leading the American League in wins. With ten. He is tied with Justin Verlander. 

Repeat, Lance Lynn is tied with Justin Verlander in a positive pitching category.

Four pitchers in the AL, in fact, have ten wins. Three of them have ERAs under 3. Lynn’s is 4.00.

That doesn’t matter. In the standings, they keep track of two things. Wins and losses. The team with the most wins, wins. Not the team with the lowest ERA. Or the team with the best WAR. 

In this new sabermetrics world, pitcher’s wins have been devalued. But they are still a huge measuring stick of a pitcher’s worth.

And Lance Lynn’s worth might never be higher. Last night he went eight innings, struck out ten, walked just one, gave up three measly hits and no runs.

This against one of the stronger teams in the league.

Lance Lynn has ten wins. The Rangers are ten games over .500. Coincidence?

Who knows. Just know that Lance Lynn has ten wins. And nobody has more.



Adrian Sampson (6-4, 4.14) vs. Brendon McKay (—, -.–)

Game time: 3:10