Last in design.

The Rangers might not be good this year but at least they aren’t going to look good not being good.

That’s according to The Athletic’s Cliff Corcoran. He ranked all 30 teams’ uniforms for 2020. 

Dead last? You guessed it. The Texas Rangers. 

“The Rangers revamped their entire uniform scheme for 2020 but failed miserably.”

He has a few complaints, mainly it’s a team that seems to be a mishmash of design elements and directions. Four different caps. Red uniforms. Blue uniforms. Powder blue uniforms. White uniforms. Road gray uniforms. 

A “T” logo on some caps. A “TX” logo on another. A powder blue cap. 

“Whoever designed this new script made a playful decision to have the underline swoop up toward the first half of the word,” Corcoran wrote, “rather than underline it straight as every other current jersey script underline does.” Nit picking to be sure but he is the uniform expert.

He also points out the design inconsistency with lettering and outlining from the front of the uniform to the back and just a general lack of any sort of unifying design idea or theme.

Basically, the Rangers took something simple and made it into an over-complicated, poorly-designed mess.

This is referring to their uniforms, not their roster.