Last piece of the puzzle. 150 comments

With the signing of Mitch Moreland the last significant piece of the roster has been nailed down, and now begins the job of getting the team to opening day

Not a single starting job is up for grabs.

Left field is Hamilton’s. He is leasing it as long as his knees can pay the rent.

DeShields has center field locked down. Now he just needs to learn how to play it.

Choo owns right field. He’s had half a great season in Texas.  Good thing it was the most recent half.

The infield is Beltre, Andrus, Odor, and Moreland.  The corners are airtight.  The middle not so much, as Game Five cruelly reminded us.

Fielder has a Comeback Player of the Year trophy on his wall.  Expect him to come all the way back in 2016.

Chirinos will start behind the plate most of the time.  Occasionally Rangers fans will notice.

The 2016 Rangers lineup will pick up where 2015 left off.

This is the best team in the AL West until it’s proven they aren’t.