Let the kids play.

The face of the future? Lefty Kolby Allard’s first Rangers start was a good one.

MLB has a marketing campaign entitled, “Let the kids play.” The Rangers are taking that to heart.

A twenty-one-year-old pitcher started it for the Rangers last night. A twenty-one-year-old pitcher finished it for the Rangers last night.

Kolby Allard’s Rangers debut was encouraging. Short, but encouraging. Heading into the fifth inning he had retired twelve of thirteen batters in a row, a walk being the only blemish. He started the fifth with a strikeout.

Then he ran out of gas. 

All in all, it was a welcome alternative to what the Rangers have been seeing from too many of their other starters. The lefty struck out seven and gave up just three hits. This to a legitimate Brewers offense.

After the Rangers offense scratched and clawed and erased a 5-2 deficit by the top of the ninth, rookie Emanual Clase, working in his second inning of relief, learned a harsh lesson in baseballology. It doesn’t matter how hard you throw it if you throw it right into the batter’s wheelhouse.

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With youth comes excitement. With youth comes hope. With youth comes mistakes. 

Let the kids play. Let’s see what Allard and Clase can do. Let’s see what Pedro Payano and Ariel Jurado can do. Let’s see what Heineman and the rest of the guys knocking on the door at Triple-A can do.

The Rangers have nothing to lose.



Pedro Payano (1-0, 3.45) vs. Adrian Houser (4-5, 4.245)

Game time: 6:10