Let there be light. 577 comments

Here we go again.


After 176 days of darkness, there is light again. Baseball is back.

The world resets. 2016 has officially moved out of town and is living quietly in the pages of history. Disappointment gives way to hope.

The Rangers will play 162 games over the next 183 days. At 183-days long, the baseball season lasts longer than it doesn’t. It just feels the opposite. Like the drive to the beach always seems to take so much longer than the drive back. Anticipation messes with you that way.

To make matters worse, the schedule makers even added a few extra hours to the normal start time of the opener. Instead of an early afternoon start, it’s an early evening start.

Texas opens at the Ballpark tonight against the defending American League champion Cleveland Indians. The teams with two longest current World Series droughts square off. Cleveland hasn’t won it in 68 straight seasons; Texas, never in its 56 tries.

Maybe this is the year. Let’s find out.


Corey Kluber (18-9, 3.14) vs. Yu Darvish (7-5, 3.41)
Game time: 6:05

How the Indians hit against Darvish.
How the Rangers hit against Kluber.