Let’s hear it for realignment.

This new deal both sides are taking their sweet time hammering out will touch on many issues besides how much money billionaires and millionaires can divide between themselves. Hopefully they address the shift, a need for a pitch clock and, as far as the Rangers are concerned, realignment.

The Rangers should be in a different division. They cannot compete in the West.

MLB TV looked at the records of all the teams over the past ten years. Good news for Rangers fans: Texas hasn’t been the worst team in the American League over that span.

Just the worst in the AL West.

That’s sad. In a division with the Angels and the Mariners, two perennial losers—the Mariners haven’t even been to the post-season in twenty years—the Rangers had a worse record over the past ten years than even those two teams.

Put the Rangers in the Central, though, and they don’t look so bad. Only the Cleveland Indians who are now the Cleveland Guardians had a winning record in the Central over the past ten years. Talk about a cake walk. They went to the post-season eight times over the past ten years, the most of any team in the league. And in the East, the Yankees never once finished under .500, going to the playoffs seven time.

And as putrid as the Baltimore Orioles have been of late, that’s mainly been the last five seasons. The five seasons before that they were over .500. Texas managed just four of those such seasons over the past ten years.

This sparked a question on MLB TV: Would you rather your team be perennially bad would win one World Series in the past ten years, or make it to the post-season every year but never win a World Series.

I think I’d take making it every year. At least it’s a team that is trying, a team that if fun to watch, a team that give you hope.

Anyway, here is a picture of what the American League league has looked like the last ten seasons.

Let’s hope the next ten bode well for Rangers fans. Yes, the team seems primed to turn things around. But lets not forgot, it was coming off two straight World Series appearances when all this started. They had World Series-calibre talent and squandered that. Here’s hoping Chris Young’s influence can make a difference.

We don’t need ten more years of what we just went through.