Little League.

The Rangers get a badly needed off day today. After four grueling six-inning games that really weren’t even six innings because Chris Woodward invoked the our-pitchers-can’t-get-you-out-so-we-are-are-ending-the-inning rule, the Rangers are able to rest and gear up for the four- or five-inning clashed they have ahead of them.

It’s like Little League.

Here’s what we have learned so far.

One: Joey Gallo’s new swing and more balanced bat seem to be working wonders so far. So much of this game is mental, especially for Gallo. So, this is great news. Get his head right, get his swing right, and Joey Gallo could have an MVP-level year.

Two: Nothing else. It’s spring training. Early spring training. These games normally reveal little. These littler games reveal littler.

So, take a much needed breather from the nail biters and heart pounders of the week. The Rangers resume their Little-League schedule tomorrow. Six innings of kids who are just learning to pitch, hopefully a snack after the game.