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Ranger general manager Jon Daniels will once again try to build a pitching staff out of nothing.


Just in case you were on Mars the last forty years and are just now returning, the Rangers are pitching poor. At every level.

They have no help on the horizon.

But the bad news is, there really aren’t a lot of choices in the upcoming free agency market.

Keuchel, Charlie Morton, J.A. Happ, Patrick Corbin, Geo Gonzalez, and maybe possibly maybe Clayton Kershaw if he opts out. Oh, and C.C. Sabathia and Lance Lynn.

Of course, every one of those is better than Mike Minor, who the Rangers have for sure next season, and Martin Perez, who they can pay to walk away, and Yovani Gallardo.

But looking ahead, next year will be the last season for the Ballpark in Arlington. And the Ballteam in Arlington won’t be much better than what we see this year. Because it’s all about pitching.

There is a thin layer available, and everyone will be bidding high on the few good ones.

So when looking at the list of up free agents, set the sights a bit lower. Look for the bargain barrel guys. Look for this year’s Bartolo Colon, who will be available again and will be a sure-fire candidate for a Jon Daniels contract.

Names to expect the Rangers to pursue: Adam Wainwright, Drew Pomeranz (who they drafted back in 2007), Garret Richards, Scott Kazmir, Matt Harvey, and Trevor Cahill.

Each fits the Daniels profile. Cheap, recently injured, cheap, used to have a future, cheap, and five years past their prime.

Snatch up three or four, see if you catch lightning in a bottle, and pray for 2026 when that crop of fresh Rangers arms will be just a few years away.


Taylor Cole (0-2, 2.95) vs. Ariel Jurado (2-2, 5.66)
Game time: 7:05

The Angels have never faced Jurado.
The Rangers have never faced Cole.