Looking for a pitching coach.

Mike Maddux is available. He resigned as the Cardinals pitching coach yesterday. Why he resigned from a team that actually made it to the playoffs is unknown. Cardinals general manager John Mozeliak was prepared to offer him a contract but he announced he was leaving, along with their hitting coach, and bullpen coach. It was a mass exodus.

Would Bruce Bochy consider bringing back the most successful pitching coach in Rangers history? It’s certainly not a glamorous job. Being the pitching coach for the Rangers is like being a crash test dummy. The dummy has to suffer fewer blows to the head, though.

Last year, the Rangers had two pitching coaches. Nobody knows why. It might have been so they could spread the blame.

Maybe it’s not fair to blame the Rangers pitching debacles on the pitching coaches. You can only work with what you are given. Even so, some amount of accountability has to take place. And, eventually it did. After two years of this silly dual pitching coach philosophy, both were shown the exit door.

Now, one of new manager Bruce Bochy’s most important hires will be the pitching coach. It might turn out to be one of the best jobs in baseball if the Rangers follow through on their promise to actually invest in pitching. And if this alleged Rangers pitching actually performs, the new Rangers pitching coach will be viewed a miracle worker.

It will be interesting to see how this team takes shape in the offseason, not only the roster on the field but also the roster in the dugout.

Lets hope that, for the first time in a long long time, the job of Rangers pitching coach is something someone wants to put on their resumé as a point of pride and not as something they have to explain away.