Looks like rain.

Khris Davis has said he doesn’t like the nickname Krush and doesn’t want it used again. Yet, that’s all the local media has called him.

Welcome to Dallas, Khris, where the local media still calls the Cowboys “America’s Team” even though the Cowboys haven’t been relevant for 25 years. 

The challenge with Khris Davis in a Rangers lineup is that the numbers that make him a formidable offensive force have mostly come against the Rangers.

In 79 games against the Rangers, Davis has hit .271 with 32 home runs and 80 RBIs. Unfortunately for Davis, he is no longer hitting against Rangers pitching. 

But Davis said he has come to Texas to “get right” and to “rain home runs down on the American League.”

The Rangers could use some power. And they can use a power hitter with a positive attitude.

Who knows how much raining Davis is going to do in 2021. And will it rain with the roof closed? But one thing is certain. He’s not doing it against the Rangers. 

And that’s a plus.