Lowe on high.

Who is third in RBIs in all of major league baseball?

That would be a Ranger. A new Ranger. Nate Lowe.

Yes, it’s only one game. But right now he is on pace for 648. There’s a pretty good chance he won’t get four RBIs per game, though. 

Still, he did get four his first game, three in his first Rangers at-bat. And that has to be a huge load off his shoulders.

He is coming in to replace the popular Ronald Guzman, with Guzman still on the roster. It’s like being the new husband while the ex-husband still lives in the house.

Any player wants to start off strong. It keeps the doubt, and doubters, at bay. And it just helps get a monkey off his back that he belongs, that he is the right choice as the Rangers new first baseman, and that his teammates can count on him. You never want to let the team down.

Of course, it’s just one game. But so much of this game is mental. A little early success can go a long way. When it’s the opposite, when you struggle at first, put up a few 0-for-the-series, suddenly you start pressing and it just complicates matters. 

Even though it was Lowe’s job from the very moment they acquired him in a trade, he was still competing with himself. And for a major league baseball player, that’s usually the toughest competition.