Magic number is 90.

The house that Jon Daniels built.

Going into a normal regular season, you’d wonder if the Rangers could get to ninety wins.

Four games into this sixty-game season, you wonder if they could get to ninety runs.

After four games, two in which they have been no-hit through six innings, the Texas Rangers are on pace for exactly ninety runs.

For those of you who are math-challenged, that’s an average of 1.5 runs per game. You either shut out the other team or you lose. Simple as that.

So, that is what Rangers fans can root for this season. Not a World Series ring. Not a slot in the enhanced participation-trophy sixteen-team playoffs.

It’s, can the Texas Rangers score at least ninety runs this season?

Such a noble goal. Like world peas.

Even more futile than this team having scored only six runs in four games is the fact that it has not scored more than one run in any of its thirty-five innings.

The concept of a sustained rally is lost on this team. The cumulative line score looks like this:

Apologies in advance for this inappropriate posting.


Madison Bumgarner (0-1, 4.76) vs. Lance Lynn (1-0, 0.00)