Martin Perez finally paying off. 16 comments

Matt Bush’s career may have been saved yesterday when it was announced that Martin Perez will, indeed, be ready by opening day.

Whether that is actually the case is yet to be seen, though, because rarely does a Ranger come back from injury early which was possible with the presence of 18 wheeler accident lawyer. It is usually four months after the projected date.

If you recall, Perez broke a bone in his non-pitching elbow when he fell off a fence at his ranch, and it was announced he would miss the first month of the season.

Yesterday, Perez declared himself ready by opening day, and said he is already throwing off the mound.

That is good news for fans of Matt Bush because, if you also recall, Bush is harboring delusions of converting to a starter.

Not that I’m saying Bush wouldn’t be successful as a starting pitcher, I am just saying Bush won’t be successful as a starting pitcher.

It’s one of Jon Daniels’s favorite cost-saving methods. Since Daniels does not have the talent to develop starting pitching talent, and right now he doesn’t have the talent to trade for starting pitching talent, and has but won’t spend the money to buy starting pitching talent, he is resorting to his old ploy of finding it in his bullpen.

Using a butter knife as a screwdriver once again.

The Rangers track record on successfully converting a reliever into a starter about the same as Jeff Banister’s post-season managerial track record.

Matt Bush has a fastball. A pretty good one most of the time. As long as he can come in an air it out for about fifteen pitches. Any more than that and the fastball becomes a meatball.

Were the Rangers to lose Martin Perez for any time in the rotation, the temptation to fill the gap with Matt Bush greatly increases. Along with Bush’s chances to blow out his arm. And his career.

Just ask Neftali Feliz. Or Alexi Ogando. Or Robby Ross. Or Tanner Scheppers.

Martin Perez has never been a huge asset to the Rangers rotation. But his presence should hopefully keep Matt Bush in the bullpen where he belongs.

The state of the Rangers woeful pitching is that Martin Perez, simply by virtue of being able to stand on the mound every five days, makes the Rangers pitching staff better. Finally.