Max tonight.

Max Scherzer gets the ball for Game 3 in Arizona.

Max Scherzer in Game 3. 

When the Rangers acquired him at the trade deadline, it was for this very moment. Maybe they didn’t dream it would be at a level this high, the World Series. But they got Scherzer for big games.

Yet, somehow, Max Scherzer’s start in Game 3 of the World Series tonight doesn’t come with the same sense of expected brilliance it did back at the end of July when he became a Rangers.

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Scherzer is basically making injury rehab starts. Most people do that in a few minor league games. Every once in a while they skip the minors and make their rehab starts in big league games.

In what can only be called the maddest of Mad Max moments, Scherzer is making his rehab starts in the playoffs, and tonight, the World Series.

His first rehab postseason start was Game 3 of the Championship Series against Houston, with his team up two-games-to-none. He lasted just four innings, giving up five runs, five hits and a walk. Not great, but who knew what to expect since he hadn’t pitched in thirty-five days?

It was the Rangers first loss of the postseason. His next start was Game 7, in Houston. He lasted 2.2 innings, giving up two runs. He gave up four hits and two walks. Fortunately, the Rangers offense exploded for eleven runs and Texas won.

Now, he’s pitching in the biggest rehab game of his career. It just so happens to be Game 3 in Arizona with his team tied 1-to-1. He brings his 9.45 ERA with him. 

Nobody knows what he’s going to give them. This may be the very moment they acquired him for. But it’s not the situation they were hoping for. Let’s hope Scherzer’s third rehab start is better than his last two.