May 23, 2015.

Of all the past articles from May 23rds I could re-post, nothing was more appropriate than this to capture the spirit of everyone on this site, especially now that times are tough and people still come back. We’ve lost too many good souls here.


Today is the memorial service for one of our most beloved posters, Lesli Buchanan, known around here as westxmojo777.

I am not going to lie and say I knew her well. I didn’t. She has a long history with many of you, going back to friendships she made on I wish I would have known her better.

What I can say is, she had an infectious positivity that is very rare. She loved her Rangers, and didn’t like it when anyone spoke badly about them. She didn’t like quarrelling and bickering. And wouldn’t stand for crassness or cursing.

She was a good soul.

I bumped into this site a few months into its existence. She was a regular poster. I came to notice that a lot of other posters had altered their screen names to include the word “mojo” in them. At first, I thought it was some sort of Rangers Rounding 3rd thing. I soon found out it was bigger than that. It was a show of solidarity for mojo, because she was fighting cancer. It was the blogging equivalent of friends shaving their heads to show support for a loved one going through chemo.

I found that to be pretty remarkable.

Think about that. This thing we call the internet, and blogging, and posting, is anonymous. For the most part, we don’t know one another at all, and never really will, other than through words we post and share about our favorite baseball team.

She had to be a pretty special person to have that many people—people who don’t even know her—gravitate toward her and pour out their hearts to her.

How many times did people log on here and the first thing they asked was, “Has anyone heard from mojo today?”

Then, when she did pop on, people rallied around her like she was a rock star. Everyone asked how she was doing. Everyone cared.

Remarkable. She was their rock star.

It happened nearly every day. People genuinely cared about her here. Deeply. That is a testament to this wonderful site Twig built, and the wonderful people who come here every day.

It’s cliché to say that many here were her internet family, but it’s true. For that I just want to say how humbled I am to know so many of you. You truly are good people.

February 12 was mojo’s last post here. Like always, it was a positive one. It was in response to someone gushing over Rangers young second baseman Roughned Odor. She left three final words:

That’s our mojo. Positive to the very end.

Rest in peace, Lesli.