May 26, 2016.

This one is about watching Mike Sciocia’s facial expressions during a game.


Two of my favorite moments TV sports watching are:

One, the end of nearly every Cowboys game when they cut to the owner’s suite and Jerry Jones has that look of cluelessness on his surgically stretched face, trying to figure out how in the world the team he put together all by himself is losing yet again.

Two, whenever the camera cuts to the dugout of a Los Angeles Angels games and they have a close up of Mike Scioscia’s look of total befuddlement as to what is going on and why that is happening to him.

Scioscia is a Human Endless Pasta Bar of a guy who thinks every pitch thrown by one of his pitchers should be a strike, every base runner of his should beat out every throw to every base, and every call should go his way.

Yesterday was a great day of Scioscia watching. His team gave up eighteen hits, five walks, one hit by pitch, one stolen base, committed two errors, threw sixty-two pitches that for some reason weren’t called strikes, and allowed fifteen runs to score. All while he had to suffer through the human indignity of watching. Every single one of those was a slight against humanity and to Mike Scioscia.

Fortunately for the Rangers, since they themselves gave up nine runs, there were a lot of slights against Mike Scioscia’s sensibilities.

And a lot of great befuddled Mike Scioscia camera shots.