May day. 50 comments

After tying the game with a home run in the seventh, Nomar Mazara won it with a home run in the bottom of the tenth. It was the hardest home run hit by a Ranger since 2015.


A home run to tie it. A home run to win it. His first multi-home run game. His first walk-off home run.

Nomar Mazara took that next step on the road to greatness. And it was a huge step.

May is nine days old and already Mazara has seven home runs this month. He has eleven hits. Seven over the wall. Two doubles. Two singles. For an OPS of 1.445. Which is superhuman.

He’s hitting lefties (.273). He’s hitting righties (.295). He’s going the opposite way.

In short, Nomar Mazara is turning himself into an elite hitter. At the ripe age of 23. Or, to use Jeff Banister’s words, a “special player.”


They key will be whether he can eliminate those periods where he disappears for weeks at a time like he has in the past. But, again, he came into the league as a 21-year-old and has been learning on the job.

The encouraging thing is, he is learning.

And opposing pitchers are learning Nomar Mazara is on fire right now.

After all those years of futility, it’s good to see the farm system finally paying some real dividends.