Merry Opening Day.

Today should be a national holiday. National Optimism Day.

Opening day means baseball is back. And baseball being back means everything. Last year’s abbreviated sixty-game schedule is a thing of the distant past. A normal 162-game marathon is on tap.

This opening day means so much more than past opening days. After having to cope with the restrictions of the new normal, the world is lurching ahead to the normal normal. But it’s still way too early to be all the way back.

Five Washington Nationals players will not be playing today because of COVID tests. The pandemic is still out there.

But, the return of baseball echoes the sense of hope this country is badly in need of. Today, all thirty teams start the season. A fresh season. A clean slate. 

Baseball is back. And it will be back for the next six months. So, enjoy it. 

It’s National Optimism Day. The Rangers are undefeated.

Play ball.