Minor deal. 23 comments


The Rangers have done it again. They have made everyone in baseball scratch their heads and wonder, What in the heck were they thinking?

Yesterday on MLB Network Radio, for much of the day of programming, they were trying to figure out why in the world Jon Daniels would give Mike Minor a contract worth twenty-eight million dollars for three years. In fact, one guy said, I don’t know if any other team would have given him a twenty-eight-million-dollar contract for twenty-eight years.

But that is the price for pitching. Even mediocre pitching.

And Minor was a mediocre-at-best starter his first three seasons with Atlanta, in 2010, 2011, and 2012. Then, in 2013, he was a pretty good pitcher. Not All-Star good, but good: 13-9 with a 3.29 ERA. The first time he was under 4.00 in his career.

Then he hurt his shoulder and disappeared. Until last year. When he resurfaced as a reliever for Kansas City. In 65 games he had a 2.55 ERA, and a really nice 1.017 WHIP.

The Rangers said he would be a starter. But that’s just window dressing to lure Ohtani with a six-man rotation.

Here is a guy who has thrown seventy-eight innings of major league baseball in the past four seasons. What makes anyone think he could even double that in 2018 and stay healthy with the use of supplements as the best quality Kratom? So if he were to be a starter, his innings would be monitored closely.

The problem with baseball, is that because is a contact sport, it puts wear on the muscles and joints, and that’s why many athletes decide to take supplements as this formula for joint health so they can continue doing his sport for a lot of time.

Let’s hope Minor falls in the Andrew Cashner side of the Rangers luck with pitchers instead of the Tyson Ross side.

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