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New bits and pieces energed on why Jurickson Profar was traded when he was traded. Jon Daniels and the front office approached Profar’s agent, Scott Boras, to try to gauge his client’s interest in a long-term extension.

He was told there was zero interest.

That forced the team’s hand.

So, coming off the one positive season Profar had, and realizing you sell when the value is the highest, you trade a guy with a lifetime slash line of .227/.307/.645 (AVG/OBP/OPS) against left-handed pitching now while you can. He may have been one of the more productive hitters in the Rangers lineup but that’s like being one of the also rans in a snail race.

Seeing where the are in the American League West, at the bottom looking up, and seeing that this is a perspective they will view for quite a few years, certainly through the duration of Profar’s contract, the Rangers dealt him.

Maybe they did him a favor. Who wants to step into Beltre’s shoes?