Move on. 773 comments

No pitching. No defense. No offense. No runs.

There is nothing to see here. Move along, move along.

Guys who didn’t help themselves in this sloppy, sleepy fourteen strikeout dud:

Delino DeShields went 1-for-4 with two strikeouts to drop his spring average to .193. I hope we have a self-addressed stamped envelope to send him back to Houston.

Elliot Johnson didn’t have much of a shot, and still doesn’t. 0-for-four, now batting .143, made a horrible throw that was supposed to be to first but was really to the second deck.

Chris Gimenez is hitting .095, Ryan Ludwick .200.

Jamey Wright allowed another earned run to actually lower his ERA to 12.27. But he’s an innings eater.

Guys fighting for playing time:

Ryan Rua is hitting .310, Jake Smolinski .333, Mitch Moreland .333. Carlos Peguero .414.

Guys who are a dead lock no matter how poorly they do because frankly there is nobody else:

Ross Detwiler let in three runs in four innings, the second inning he wasn’t helped by poor defense, and by poor pitching. That last part was his doing.

This is a forgettable game played by many players we will soon forget.